Wild Lion Music

Wild Lion is a new DJ, Producer he mainly play Electonica Music. he began working in the music field after believing in what he is doing and became sure that this is the right path for him after passing through many other fields like electronics, programming (c++, flash, HTML and php), 3D designing, 2D designing, Video editing and much more. but at last he found the right path which he loved and felt that this is the way that can lead him to success. he is in high school (major pharmacy) 2 years missing then he planning to open an audio studio beside his company of exporting and importing chemicals which will be mostly for getting income only. Last but not least Wild Lion got lots of interests and for sure DJing and Producing Electonica on the top of the list, He likes to Camp, Partying, Sports (Basketball), Programming, Cars, Animals (especially his 2 dogs :D) and more . He is a Ranger in Scout. he would like to get more supports from Electronica music fans and that will be so appreciated.

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